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Toolbar : label text alignment

It strikes me that when a button image is pulled from an .exe file, the button text is not in line with others: they are a little higher than the other textlabels.
Sure, I agree, not really a big issue, It just would be nice to have them on the same height though.


That is because the default icon size in opus is 22px, the icon size in an exe is 16px. You could fix it by not using images from icons, its pretty easy to create your own buttons. Icons can actually be any size and they are currently top aligned when the text is on the bottom or top, I think they are centred when text is to left or right. With the text on the bottom as you have it looks funny, but if the text is on the top it looks ok.

What you want is to bottom align the buttons when the text is on the bottom.
Given that most icons have a 16px and 32px image, perhaps dopus could take the 23px that image and down scale it to 22px instead of using the 16px image.

I went on to check out some icon tools (like icofx and gfie3) but it would take too much time for this relatively minor thing.
Went on to check out the default Opus icon set, downloaded a few other sets from the "Icons-area" and used some of those.
Noticed there are a few specific 'rules' in place for creating your own icons (set out in Opus9IconSets.pdf).
That aside, frankly speaking, I wouldn't know how how an icon should be looking like for a task of, for instance,
various redating operations.
Anyway, thanks again.

btw a number of these extra sets are either 20x, 22x, 30x, 32x and even I found 48x. Guess I should take 22x only.


You can find an appropriately sized Beyond Compare button in my version of the Beyond Compare script. If you don't want to use the script itself, rename the .osp file to .zip and you can extract the icon from inside it.

Some people like super sized icons, its nice if you want a special tool bar with big buttons 22px is the default.

Looking at your icons, you can get the beyond compare icons here External compare tool buttons, just enable the script and the icons will be available. Also check out this icons set by sasa S-DOX II Additional Icon Set (177 icons) lots of extra icons, I'm sure you will find something that that you can use.
Finally if you want to make your own icons sets check out this part of the doco Icon Sets.

Didn't see Leo's post there, he has your BeyondCompare buttons covered. Not meaning to steal you thunder there mate.


I used the Beyond Compare icon that I found in the default icon-set and that one is fine.
Maybe it came with the script? Whatever....

What matters, everything is okay now.


We've improved the layout for the next release, so this will work better with a mixture of icon sizes: