Toolbar Order

I have five toolbars on my default lister. I'd like to change the sequence in which they appear. Can I do this? How?

You can drag them around using the gripper on their left. If there isn't a gripper, they're currently locked, but you can unlock them via the right-click menu (on the empty space on any toolbar), similar to the Windows taskbar.

They're also always unlocked while in Customize mode (Settings > Customize Toolbars), if that's easier. It saves having to re-lock them again afterwards, if you want them locked in normal use.

Once they are in the position you want them in, select Settings > Toolbars > Set as Default Toolbar Set to save it as the new default.

(Settings > Set as Default Lister will also offer to do this, if you want less to remember. But that will also save other elements of the current window as the new default.)

Great. thanks very much.

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