Toolbars gone - Lister Layout ain't bring'em back


which is the standard way to get my default setup of toolbars back once i have turned off every toolbar of them?

Once the Lister is deprived of all bars, it looks pretty naked :laughing: and i cant right-click anywhere to get my toolbars back (can i?). So i saved my preferred Lister with all its toolbars as lister layout named "Default Lister". But when i turn off all toolbars and do system tray>>right click on Dopus icon>>Lister Layouts>>Default Lister, i get another lister .. but the toolbars are still gone, which makes me wonder what exactly is saved in a lister layout..

I want my toolbars back, how do i do? :blush:

Regards, plunder

To get the toolbars back, click the window icon (top-left of the window, next to the titlebar caption) and among the standard Move, Size, Close, etc. options you'll find a Customize option. That'll bring up the Customize window and let you turn on your toolbars again.

(Layouts don't control which toolbars are shown, BTW. That's why choosing a layout won't have done anything.)

Thanks so much. i must have overlooked the 2 entries in that context menu! So, in Customize... i checked the boxes for my toolbars (all named with My, "My Drives, My ListerMenu, My Pathbar, My ..etc.." thanks to kundal's suggestion) one after the other and my toolbars were all back. With wrong spatial arrangement & alignment. Then, from the toolbars i could access the Backup/Restore dialogue and restored my last backup. Tarah.. my toolbars were brought back in original arrangement & alignment. Great :thumbsup:

I am sure that you devs have already thought about the issue Should lister layouts include the toolbar arrangement? and decided for some serious reason against the inclusion. So i am not questioning the decision and i accept how things are. just my two cents:

imho its not the behavior i had (or would have) expected from a saved lister layout :open_mouth:

Thanks again leo for all!!