Toolbars help not working

since i upgraded window10 to fall creators update

when i customize opus and put icons or text in toolbars
then i close opus lister and open a new lister the icon or text i put in
the toolbars is not there any more like is not saving what i edit in toolbars anymore
also cannot remove any icon ect in taskbar...

cheers for any help

Craig Eades

test on
Directory Opus 12.6.3 (beta)
Directory Opus 12.6.2 (beta)
Directory Opus 12.6.1 (beta)
Directory Opus 12.6

Something to try:

  • Type /dopusdata/Buttons into the location field.
  • Create a backup copy of the .dop file that matches the toolbar you're trying to edit.
  • Open the main copy (not the backup) in a text editor. Notepad will do.
  • See if you can add a space or a return to the file and save it, close it, then re-open it. Does it save successfully and remain there when re-opened?
  • Restore the backup of the file to put things back to normal.

If saving fails, it's likely the file permissions on your profile folder have been messed up. (It will probably prevent some other programs from saving their settings as well.)

thanks for the repy

i did what u said and edited the .dop file and it save ok and reopened
ok put the backup back as it was

cheers craig

If you add a new button to the toolbar, is that saved?

no does not save...

also i removed a few button and icons from toobars
then i backed it up restarted opus put the installed back i just did
and the button and icon where back...


  • Are you clicking OK in the Customize dialog after making changes to the toolbars?

    OK needs to be clicked to save the changes. If the Customize dialog is closed instead, any changes are cancelled.

  • Is Opus being run in an unusual way? e.g. Is the whole program being elevated via UAC, or run under a different account to the rest of the desktop?

  • If neither of the above apply, please:

    • Download Microsoft's Process Monitor and extract the zip somewhere. (No installation is required.)

    • Double-click Procmon.exe to launch it and accept the default filters.

    • Make sure it is logging filesystem events. It should be by default, by just in case, make sure the Procmon_Filesystem icon is activated, so the toolbar looks like this:


    • With Process Monitor still logging, perform the action in Opus, then wait about 10 seconds.

    • Back in Process Monitor, use File > Save, select the Native Process Monitor Format (PML), and save the log to somewhere.

    • Zip up the log. It will be quite large if not compressed, but much smaller when added to a zip file.

    • Send the result to or via a private message. Don't post the log publicly, just in case it contains anything you don't want the world to see.

Many thanks.

thanks i will check and try the above u mentioned and get back to u

one other thing i have found out then the pc first boots up i can edit the opus tastbars tools
and change anything and it saves all ok then after a while same will not save after tools edit
Also works then i logout out and log back into windows..

PML File email to u


Was this edit on purpose? It reverses the meaning of the reply and now the thread says that editing the files in Notepad also does not work. If that's the case then we need to change direction.

yes too the dop.files save and re opend ok still not saving anying i edit or make on taskbar