Toolbars not so wonderbar in my DOpus

In Settings – Toolbars, I have the following:

ListerMenu [checked]
ListerMenu (1)
Pathbar (1)
Tabbar (1)
Toolbar [checked]
Toolbar (1)


Traymenu (1)

Two questions:

  1. Why the (1)? Should I/can I get rid of them?

  2. Why no "TrayMenu" [without "(1)"]?

Als, during my creation and placement of toolbars, I managed to lose "Drives". I cannot see it, and in Settings – Toolbars, it is dimmed. Any idea how I can ge it back?


Hans L

I got "Drives" back by doing Customize and the clicking on the Drives menu item a few times.

Hans L

The (1) files are usually created by the Opus installer as backups of any toolbars that it replaces with new default-versions. (Or maybe the (1) files are the new defaults? I can't remember which way around it is.)

Aha. Understand. I'll just leave them be.


Hans L