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Tooltip delay

Can i change a delay of the Tooltips popup to instant only for Directory Opus, but not for Windows?
For example its almost instant in XnViewMP (media browser) - first popup is delayed but next is instant...

If no, then can you implements this feature?

Opus should also delay the first popup and then show ones triggered immediately afterwards without delay, when using the mouse.

You can also change the delay between holding Ctrl and an infotip appearing in Opus, but I think the mouse delays are part of the system-wide configurarion.

It's strange, but when I move my mouse from one file to another I have a tooltip delay every time. And this delay is equal to first one... :confused:

Well, i mean, if i move mouse fast enough after first tooltip - then i don't have any tooltips at all.

I use Windows 7 and with enabled styles in Opus.

After all these years i was able to make a comparison video so you can see what do i mean. I should note that i was not able to record mouse cursor, but I held the mouse until the tooltip appears.

DOpus - small delay
XnViewMP - no delay
Windows Exporer - small-to-large delay

So, can you add an option to remove this delay?

I see what you mean.

I think there needs to be some small delay, so you can move the mouse over files and land on the one you actually want without incurring a hit for all the files in between. (Tooltips can cause a bit of CPU/disk usage, depending on what's displayed in them.) But maybe we can make the delay even smaller or configurable. I need to take a look at the code.


We'll improve this in the next update.