Top Explorer never saved

Hi - can you explain why the Top Explorer window is never saved when starting a new lister? Let's say I have 10 tabs open on the top explorer in a split horizontal view... if I close DO or it crashes, when it reloads, I lose all the top tabs even though I saved the Lister Layout as default, etc. Is there a setting I'm missing for this? The bottom explorer works just fine.. .thx!

How are you opening the window?

The window is being opened via a new tab - so lets say I have 10 tabs open in the top explorer and they are pointing to different folders and drives. I then save the Lister as the default. Now, I close down Opus and then reopen it... all the tabs at the top are closed except for one tab which defaults to all my drives. If I force to open the default lister, then all the tabs that were saved reopen at the top - but if I don't choose it only opens one tab. thoughts?

I mean how are you starting Opus, not how are you creating the tab.

If you are launching Opus by double-clicking a folder on your desktop, say, then that folder is what gets opened in the main file display. If you want you layout to be opened you can do that in various ways, but the most convenient way would depend on how you are launching Opus at the moment.

I Launch opus by double-clicking My Computer from the desktop...

If you do that then it will open My Computer (only) in the main file display.

Turn on the Desktop Double-Click option within the Launching Opus part of Preferences, and you can then double-click any empty space on the desktop to open your default lister (or a saved layout).

With layouts, you can also drag them from the list in Preferences to create an icon on your desktop which you can double-click, if you'd rather double-click an icon than the empty space. (But the empty space is nice as it makes it really easy to open a new window and doesn't add any clutter.)

That is a perfect solution... not sure how I missed that! Thx so much.. DO continues to impress!