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Tortoise - right click menu gone

Hello. This is not another post about Tortoise overlays/icons, but the right-click menu itself. It has disappeared overnight - no SVN Update, SVN Commit or Tortoise SVN entries at all.

Using 8.2 and should add that if explorer.exe is run directly that the right-click options ARE showing there, just not in DO.

Any ideas - I tried the icon folder setting on the offchance, but it's not that. Thanks.

You've probably turned on Hide Windows items on file context menus (shift overrides) in Preferences - Miscellaneous - Windows Integration.

The setting's name can be confusing. Instead of "Windows items", think "Non-Opus items".

If you hold shift when you right-click then you should see the menus.

If you want to hide some menu items but not others then you can leave the option turned on and selectively add back individual programs' menu items as described here:

[Tip: Organise and Speed-Up Context Menus)

Either that or the Tortoise shell extension has caused an exception and so Opus has added it to the black list. See [Crash, exit or high CPU when right-clicking certain files) for more details.

Lovely, thank you both. All present and correct, aside from the crud that has now been removed thanks to those links!

I'd also like to add that I had this problem with DOpus and after a bit of looking around, I found that TortoiseSVN's GUID was added to the Misc > Advanced > ignore_context_menu list of GUIDs to ignore.

I'm not sure why Tortoise was getting blacklisted like that, but removing the GUID (in my case {30351349-7B7D-4FCC-81B4-1E394CA267EB}) fixed this problem for good.

HTH someone!

The ignore_context_menu list is empty by default. I think there are only two ways for things to get added to it:
[ol][li]Obviously, you can add GUIDs by hand, which you might do when manually troubleshooting a problem or just to get rid of an unwanted menu.
[li]If a context-menu shell extension crashes Opus then I think it will be added to the blacklist to avoid further crashes. You can then have to manually remove it from the blacklist to get the menu back.[/li][/ol]

I evidently found that out after posting my reply! It was just a couple of replies above, in this very thread! :blush:

Thanks anyway...