Tortoise SVN menu

Saw another post about this, but having just installed 8.1, am now having problems myself.

Small problem: icons messed up, images bust (split).

Medium problem: Context menu repetitions (2 'Settings' for example), with the repeated voice going to the wrong place - this is not consistent, sometimes there are no repetitions.

Enormous problem: The Commit and Update commands are messed up. Firstly, they don't show at all on directories, either on the main (Windows) right click menu, or on the TortoiseSVN sub menu. Secondly, on individual files, Commit sometimes shows up, Update never does.

Will have to drop DOpus until this works again.

Win2K, latest Tortoise client, V1.1.5, build 2990

Same for me with WinXP Pro.

I'm not sure what to say - I'm hesistant to say I don't believe you, but I've done extensive tests here with Tortoise and have just checked it again, and I can't find any remaining problems with the context menus whatsoever.

As a follow-up, the SVN menus themselves have been messed up in similar ways. What actually seemsto be happening is that the links are OK (as are their tooltips) but the text associated with an entry is the wrong text! You can get it to work if you read the tooltips to find the correct entry. Very strange.

Can I attach screenshots anywhere with this board?

If you've got some webspace to put the images on you can then link them using the IMG tag in posts. (That's what I do.)

I think I've found the problem - no idea how this crept though :confused: Tortoise do some very strange things with their context menu handling...

If you download 8.1 again in about an hour or so there will be a new version there which hopefully fixes this once and for all!

Jon -- it works a treat now. Thanks for your prompt response.

Yep, confirmed fix here too. Thanks, impressive turnaround.

Incidentally, an oddity, just for your records - I didn't get Update or Commit showing if I selected a single folder, but they DID show if selecting multiple folders.

Thanks again. Not been using Directory Opus for long, but already well hooked - the tabs are a splendid addition.