Total progress bar and drag & drop

With the last beta 12.2.4, progress bar for total files is wrong when I copy/move files by right drag & drop from libraries.
Also, new total bytes copied / remaining is not displayed.

  1. Select 3 files in library
  2. Drag & drop files with right button to destination
  3. Choose copy/move here in menu (commands: Copy HERE / Copy MOVE HERE)

Total progress bar stays at 0%, then jumps to 33% when first file is copies/moved, then jumps to 66% when 2nd file is copied/moved...

Note that there is no problem with left drag & drop or commands.

Seems weird for me too, although I don't have the same effect you're seing.

On my machine total items is 100% from the beginning and the progress bar is counting up from 0 to 100% hundreds of times very fast. (Many times each second).

It's working fine with left mouse button too. Maybe an important detail: I tested this with two listers. When I use the left mouse button the progress bar appears in the left lister (SOURCE) and works fine, if I use the right button menu, the progress bar appears in the right lister (DEST) and the described effects are appearing.

Hope that helps.

We should have these fixed in the next update.

Fix confirmed in 12.2.5, thanks.

By the way, do you want confirmations or is it already too much "noise"?

Confirmations are good! If we don't hear anything then we'll assume the fix worked, but knowing for sure is never bad.