Tracking and Undoing File Operations

Is it possible to have more than 10 entries in the undo list/log?

File log might be configured but I can't find a way to change settings for undo list.


Also, I wonder why undo list is available and even shared between listers but only until I restart DOpus.

Undo data is stored in memory. How many programs do you use which do differently and save undo data to disk so it persists across reboots? I can't think of any, of the top of my head.

Yeah, that's right. But what I was trying to emphasize, usually undo data is only available in the window you made the change. Like you have two Word documents opened and undo lists are separate for each window/document. DOpus seems to work differently. Undo list is shared between listers so it makes more sense to remember undo list when all listers (and application) are closed.

Is this possible?

No, you can make the file log as long as you wish but the undo log is limited to the last 10 actions.

Okay, that's good enough. How do I do that then? I can't find anything relevant in preferences.

Quick way, type log into the prefs filter:

I did that but thought the option was related to FTP. Perhaps if I'd read beyond the first option.....

Thanks Leo :slight_smile: