Tracking vs. Watching threads, User-Prefs incorrectly migrated?

Hello folks,

two questions, still need to get used to this.

  1. I noticed that when I add a post somewhere, the thread will be set to be "tracked" by me, which does not include email notifications if I got that right. All I can see would be a reply counter of some kind somewhere (?).
    Well, I entered the forum-user-prefs and found a setting. I set it to be "Watching" from now on, which I think should be the default for new users? "When I post in a topic, set that topic to" -> "Watching"

Maybe it should be the default for all users? It also looks like it has not been migrated correctly, I always had email notifications enabled in phpBB. I think a change in the personal preferences like this cuts people off, which leads to the second question.

  1. I now have some threads that I "track", although I was "watching" them in phpBB (receive email for every new post).
    To be more precise, it seems I am tracking all of the threads I ever participated in. How do I get these threads to be on my "watch" list, so I get email whenever a new post arrives?
    I really don't want to come here and check counters or notifications somewhere on a daily basis to see if something new happened. May email inbox did and does a pretty good job of summarizing what's going in the forums and discussions I take/took part.


  1. Watching probably does make more sense than Tracking for threads you've replied to.

I've changed the default to that, although I am not sure if it affects existing users or if people need to change their user preferences (if they wish to).

With email notifications, it's also worth noting that they won't be sent if you visit the site within a time window after the event that triggered them, so you don't get lots of email about stuff you will have already seen.

  1. You can click My Posts to get a list of every thread you've posted in, select them all and use the spanner at the top-right to change the notification level.

I'm not sure if there is a way to pull up a list of threads you're watching/tracking but have never posted in.

Also note that the "select all" option at the top-left of the list of your posts only selects the posts that have been loaded into the web browser. You have to keep scrolling down until the list is fully populated to actually select everything, which is a bit of a pain.

People at the Discourse meta-forum may have better solutions than the ones I'm aware of.

  1. Ok, thanks. It's not the first time a forum software update happens somewhere and email notifications are "off" by default for everyone from that point on. For a low traffic forum where operators are interested in people participating as much as can be, this can be a self-destruction move. This forum will make it through though. o)

  2. There is no way here to select the threads in the "My Posts" listing. Maybe I'm too stupid, but where would I select the threads to change the notification level? Cannot see the "select all" option either, hu, do you? Scrolling down the list of threads to eventually run "select all", you name it, it's a pita. One of the places where infinite scrolling is the worst thing to have. Some implementations offer to "select all" without seeing all yet, something like this will hopefully make it into Discourse at some time. Now I see you looking where my "select all" option is hidden, thanks in advance! o)