Transfer all from win10 tower to new win11 tower

My heading says it all, really. This will be the first time I will have done this since I've licensed Directory Opus.

My data files should be no problem, all 25 Gb are on my Google Drive (annual subscription).

I suppose, as always, it's the licensed apps that will be the problem.

Zinstall and PCmover are apps to enable this (and to buy) but both seem (according to one writer) to have certain problems.

What say you?

I'd install everything manually on the new PC. More effort now, but you will be rewarded with a stable, low-maintenance system.

I am quite happy with for the usual freeware. Microsoft's Package Manager winget has made some substantial progress recently as well.


I'd do it manually as well. Not worth the chance that things will go wrong when using third-party tools that can't really know how other software's installers and data works (and where those details may change over time).

I tend to keep all the installers for things I use, so if I need to reinstall the OS I can just go through that folder installing the things I still use, or installing things at the point I actually need them, depending on if I know I need it or just think I might. Combine that with a password manager that supports attachments, or similar tool for storing registration details etc., and it doesn't take long at all to build a new machine. Most of the time is taken updating Windows itself, which is still an inexplicably slow process.

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Thank ya'll for those common sense tips.