Transfer settings on the same USB?

I discovered that I have two installations of DOPUS on a USB. The one was created when I originally bought the software, and the other one, as far as I may I assume, when DOPUS became Portable Apps compatible. I would like to transfer the USB settings from the old installation to the newer one. However, the directory structure is not the same and I do not know how to make this transfer. I do not want to use the settings that I have on the desktop PC, because they are different and are not suitable for the USB installation. Is it possible or will I have to do it from the beginning?

The settings for the PortableApps copy will be under:


And for the other copy they'll be under (along with the binaries etc.):


So if you move/copy the common sub-folders of those two locations, it should cover all of the configuration.

You might want to backup both areas first, just in case.

Thank you leo. I copied the "old" version sub-folders to the new location. There were several file replacements from the old to the new that I accepted to be made during the process. At first glance it appears to have been successful. I'll see what happens in the next few days. :slight_smile: