Translation and last beta 11.12.5

Can somebody make a test (save his config before) and change language to English then back to previous language and look if toolbars are translated.

I try to understand why my toolbars are in English and not dialogs.

Seems fine here, French -> English -> French.

Opus can only translate buttons it recognises from their labels or commands, so if you are using custom toolbars then some/all parts may not be translated.

Yes I know that... But menu like File/Edit/Display... with commands like Copy/Paste/Preferences... are standard.

Seems to be ok in my computer under W7 but not at job under XP (I know it's bad to have XP, but can do nothing).

I did some tests and I can confirm that there is something wrong when switching language.

  1. I'm on 11.12 with French language
  2. I switch to English -> Toolbars are translated to English
  3. I switch to French -> Toolbars are translated to French
  4. I update to 11.12.5 -> Toolbars are always in French
  5. I switch to English -> Toolbars are translated to English
  6. I switch to French -> Toolbars are not translated to French

Other strange thing, some items are translated.
1st image in 11.12.5 with french language. Some are in english (nok), some in french (so you can say: it's a personal item, so never translated).
2nd image in 11.12.5 too with english language. You can see that some french item are translated into English.
3rd image in 11.12 with french language. You can see that all items are translated into French.

I can confirm this issue. I had the language switched to english, to look up something for another thread. After switching back, i had a mixed translation in the main menues. Because i made a backup, i was able to reset it to normal.

If you send the toolbars I'll see if I can reproduce that. It's not happening with the default ones, at least.

Cancel that, I think I have reproduced it on a 32-bit machine.

This has been fixed for 11.13.