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Trapped in the Viewer



I like using the Viewer and I use the Standalone Viewer. I can open it from the menus with View > Viewer Pane. However when I use the keyboard if the focus goes into the viewer with certain applications, I can't get out of it with the keyboard. When this happens I cannot even access the Dopus menu from the keyboard to select View > Viewer Pane to toggle it back. Nor can I get the command "Set VIEWPANE=Toggle" to turn it off when I am stuck in the viewer pane. I have to grope for the mouse and since this happens all the time it is annoying. I realise it has to do with certain applications open in the viewer, but I like these applications and just wonder if there a way of jumping back to where I was in the folder tree or the file list, or even just closing the viewer from the keyboard when this happens? Can anyone please help me?

(An existing post "The ViewerPane gets undesirable focus" didn't resolve this.)

I have Opus Version 11.19 x64.



Minor terminology correction: That's the viewer pane (aka preview pane), not the standalone viewer. The standalone viewer opens in a separate window.

The Tab key should let you cycle back to another part of the lister, as long as the viewer component cooperates and lets Opus know the tab key has been pressed. All viewer components should do this, but some break the rules.

Which component(s) are you having the problems with? It might be possible to add special cases for them, but it would mean the tab key does not work inside them at all.

Normally, tab should cycle through elements/controls within the viewer, and then when you reach the last one it should cycle you to the next part of the lister (e.g. a file display or the address bar). If we take over the tab key for a component, it would go straight to the next lister part and skip all of the component's elements.

(This is assuming it is possible to take it over. It will depend on the type of component, and how it handles its keyboard messages.)


Hello Leo,

Thank you very much as always for your attention. (Yes sorry: it is the Viewer Pane, not the Standalone Viewer.)

I have solved this by downloading the latest version of PDF-XChange Viewer which I prefer to Adobe for .pdf files.

It might well again be a problem for me or others with other applications: If I moved down the file list, normally pressing Tab cycles from File List to Viewer to Folder Tree. But if I came to a .pdf file, pressing Tab cycled me into the Viewer Pane, didn't cycle through anything there (even if the .pdf file had links) and just got stuck as far as the keyboard was concerned. If an application causes this and can't be fixed, then it would be good to be able to use some sort of external command or script to just go back to where the focus was in the file list or tree, probably by closing the viewer pane if necessary. If there were such a command or script I could fire it from Autohotkey. It was a horrible problem and interruption to work flow when it happened.

Best wishes,