Treating C drive as temporary

Thanks for pointing this out. Of course actual configuration might not matter that much, as long as the backup configuration is current and kept in some other partition folder that is connected to a cloud service. Which it is in my case.

Yes. :slight_smile: I don't keep anything important in C:. I never did. C: is only Windows and drivers. No permanent documents. I do not really trust Windows, especially not Windows 10. As far as I can see it is in permanent beta stage, so it's better to be safe than sorry. And yes - it has already proven fatal for couple of times on my home computers, just as it has on my business computers. I just formatted C:, reinstalled and I lost nothing.

BTW, with SSD's around reinstallation is not worth mentioning. For example on my Samsung EVO 850, Win10 1607 (14393.0) has setup itself up to the point I could actually use it to surf and do whatever in some 15' (booted from USB thumb drive of course).

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Well, not all apps will work without reinstall on new Win installation (I have some too on D:, but only the ones working portable or by importing reg-entries). Poitning complete Roaming etc. makes no sense, as there's a lot of trash stored the longer you use Win (but I pointed some settings out using symlinks). Data of course should always be separated.

Windows is not in a permanent beta stage (it's more stable than Win 7) and you're not forced to use it.

Sure, but I haven't spoken about the apps. There is this folder with the essential tools that you just need to re-click to install.

Absolutely. Just like it doesn't make sense to use Win default media folders that keep growing with apps' junk. So, let's just keep them all in C:. :wink:

Well, I've got a maxim: "it doesn't necessarily needs to work, just as long as it is new". :wink: So, I consider myself being an early adopter. So, I would rather use W10 being uglier and not that stable than using whatever older. I am not Windows hater or flamer.

About W10 being in beta stage - people's opinions vary and this is mine. The updates are too frequent (I don't mind, but most of them are fixes).

About the stability. I am speaking from my own experience and not from somebody else's. We've got 6 PC's at home all running W10. I've got 2 computers at work, both running W10. I also have (here for repait) another PC W10 that we use in our local church. Here is the summary of major failures that just couldn't be repaired in no other way but reinstalling W10 (I tried all recommended methods). Home: 3 times. Work: 1 time. Church: 2 times. All together: 6 times in last year or so. I think it's far too much often than it should be.

Oh, yes...Did I mention that my Start Menu on this very computer refuses to work properly again? And I am not talking about non-working tiles that work erratically from the day one on all of the W10 PC that I ever saw - I consider it normal .

So, I hate to say it but there is no sustainable proof on my side to say that W10 is more stable than W7. :frowning:

Well, I've installed over 100 Win 10 PC's, Tablets, etc., optimized them and they run without problems (except a few ones that I only upgraded from previous Windows). The startmenu-issue was gone with first bigger update (AFAIR), there're some smaller bugs (like different dpi @ 2+ monitors), but nothing which makes it unusable in a productive environment. And definteley not more unstable than Seven.

But to be honest: Win 8.1 suprisingly was best Windows IMO - no crashes and fast.

Apart from many different Star Menu problems, the evidence still proves otherwise (this just happened today - no more tiles after reboot): :slight_smile:

@leo - thanks for splitting. I guess sometimes the thread turns the other way. :slight_smile:

It makes sense, if Windows gets borked (or SSD dies) and requires total reinstall it's easier when you have all your real documents & data on another drive.

Nobody said that data shouldn't be on a second drive, but "C: as temp" could be misunderstood. It's Windows with a few apps, some outsourced and data fully outourced!

Sure! My comment got appended at the end here after Leo's splitting of the topic elsewhere so it seems as if it was posted after everything was already said and discussed :sweat_smile:

That's because it was. :slight_smile: This thread happened hours ago.

I hope I am not to blame about that here. :slight_smile:
This is simply my perception towards C:\ after 20 years of being friends with Windows. :wink: