TreeView icon for network mapped drives

This is a minor thing, but it relates to a bigger problem I'll post about separately.

If network mapped drives are not available when DO starts, it shows the red X on the drive icon. But if that drive becomes available, shouldn't the tree update itself? (I don't mean it should be watching for it, I mean, when I manually CLICK on a drive and the lister shows the files - then it's operational - but the treeview still shows the red X) I have verified that Windows Explorer doesn't do this (I am on Windows 7 64bit)

I think this may relate issues I've had for a long time with the treeview not updating itself as new folders are created or existing folders deleted - for network mapped drive. More on that in another post.

If you close the window and open a new one, is the icon correct then, or still out of date?

Yes, if I close & reopen DO it does show correctly.
Here is a screen snip of the issue - on the left the mapped drive, on the right you can see files sitting on that drive.

One other note - possibly related - is that I have noticed that the tree does not refresh consistently on network drives when new folders are created. I have attempted all versions of the Refresh command and none seem to refresh the tree. And the same is true if there are hidden folders (on local drives) and I click the link in the status bar to show them - the tree won't refresh no matter what I do.

Hope this helps!

What's at the other end, a Windows server or something else?

Is it the same in the file display (if the folder they are created in is being displayed at the time they are created), or only affecting the folder tree? What about in File Explorer?

Well.... I have mapped drives to 1: other physical computers running Windows (nothing > Win7) 2: VMs (using Oracle VirtualBox) running both Win7 and Linux and 3: physical computers running various Linux flavors (and an OpenBSD), which of course use samba. And I've seen this on every one of them.

Yes - this is ONLY an issue with the treeview - file display is fine.
File Explorer - aka Windows Explorer on Win7 - no issues - no red Xs and all mapped drives fine, treeviews fine. This is all Win7 (+ Linux) - I no longer use Win10 (and feel your pain when you're working around the bugs in that monstrosity!). In fact right now, I just rebooted, and DO gives me red Xs but Explorer does not. If I click on the drives in DO they are there and just fine.

Look it's not a huge issue honestly - I just wish the refreshing problem was manageable more easily. I've created scripts and buttons and at times I just can't get the thing to refresh until I exit.
The red Xs are annoying but "meh" I can get around that if I wanna hack this poor Win7 even further! LOL (I've already built a visual style that hacks up the window chrome and every other thing LOL)

Don't sweat it - but if I can help you figure it out - I'm happy to do so. I can't be that unique :wink: someone else must be experiencing some of this.

Thanks again for the update.

If it's correct in the file display then we may be able to get the tree to update as well. Just need to work out which events to listen to (and hope they are sent to every process).

One other detail I'm not sure I mentioned is that I have folders shared on my workstation which I map to a drive letter on this same workstation so that I have consistency with pathnames on other machines. So for example Q: on my workstation points to a share also on this workstation.

Also - the refresh issue - with creating folders and having them not appear in the tree - this does NOT happen with any Linux shares. Wait - it might, I haven't tested, but my reports were all Windows->Windows. The ONLY problem that involves any Linux/samba is with the mapped drive icon with the red X - and this ALSO I have confirmed (and first saw) on Windows shares to both the same machine and other machines. And VMs. (sorry, I realize this is a complex topography to follow)

PS: Honestly I don't think this is worth spending time on if nobody else is having the issue - but if you could help me get a working Refresh-Tree button that for me is all I really need.

For the icons, try Go REBUILDTREE or Go REBUILDTREE=both

Dang! I looked through the commands and for some reason "refresh" made me skip over "rebuild" LOL I will test it out and report back. Thanks!

I'm hoping that this will be fixed in the next update as a result of the fix for this problem:

So please check the next beta and let us know if you still have the issue.