Trial of 12 overwrites Opus 11?

Looking forward to trying OPUS 12 and glad to see development continues. Would like to run it as a trial but indicates it will overwrite vers. 11... Is it possible to install to a different location and run both so as not to lose 11 in order to test 12?



You can only have one version installed at a time, but before installing 12, use Settings > Backup & Restore in Opus 11 and create a config backup. Then, if you want to go back to 11, you can uninstall 12, reinstall 11, and restore your config backup. Things should then be exactly as they were.

You don't need the config backup when moving from 11 to 12 (just install 12 over the top of 11 and it will import your existing config automatically), but if you want to be able to go back then you should make the backup in 11 first, since 11 won't understand all of the config data that 12 writes.

Thank you, appreciate the help!