Trial version alongside old version?

Can I install the Version 11 trial version without overwriting/disturbing my current version 10.5.x? I appreciate the wealth of options Dopus provides, but it can be confusing & time-consuming to do all the configuration, especially when you don't mess with it often, & I'd rather not hose the version that is working to my liking.



Only one version can be installed at a time, but if you do a config backup (Settings -> Backup & Restore) in Opus 10, before installing the Opus 11 trial, then you can always go back to Opus 10 and restore your config backup later if you decide not to stay with Opus 11.

If you want to run both (v10 proper, v11 as trial). You could try running v11 from a usb (see exporting to usb). I believe this would work (not tried it though).