Tricky Problem With Network 'Drive'

Under My Network Places/Entire Network/MSFT Windows Network/Home (workgroup)/Compaq (computer name) there are listed several volumes that I have assigned different names. One of these volumes, called 'Ext Vol 2' is left over from my use of a different external HDD that I returned to the store and is not assigned to anything, however I cannot delete it as Delete is never an option when I right click on it. If I try to explore it, I just get access denied because it really doesn't exist any longer. How do I get rid of it? I searched the registry for it and came up with nothing. Thanks for any ideas!

I don't know if this will work or not but you might give it a try and see what happens.

If you're using XP try going to the CONTROL PANEL and click PERFORMANCE AND MAINTENANCE


In the left pane of that, click DISK MANAGEMENT.

In the right pane look for the no longer present external hard drive, if it's there, right click it and select REMOVE.

Note you may want to read the help files for more information before actually removing any drive.

Well, these are not so much just 'volumes' in a particular machine so much as network 'shares' right?

If so, I believetere are cases where Windows still advertises share names if you remove the drive they were located on... I seem to recall there being issues with this in some lab environments where we constantly move equipment around such as shared fibre channel disk storage.

Or are you saying this seems to be a Dopus thing... don't you also see this in Windows Explorer?

If it is a share left over from a deleted directory, as Steje suggests, then you should be able to delete it using Computer Management under control panel. Follow steps similar to John's, but instead click on Shared Folders, Shares to see a list of all shares on the machine. You should be able to delete the share from there.