Triggering Functions from Outside of DO with Streamdeck?

We want to use Streamdeck with DO. For this I could write a PlugIn in Streamdeck but we need a way to call the same function a DO user can call.

  • Switching folder
  • Switching between different folder modes: e.g. Flat folder
  • Opening a new folder tab
    and so on

I checked the VFS Plugin and Script possibilities but it seems for me that this what I want to do, cant be done out of the box with do?

I could also write a C/C++ Plugin in DO and create a hidden Window, which can receive messages but I see no way to call DO function from inside the Plugin. ActiveX seems also not a way to do it.

It would be great because with Streamdeck it is also possible to stack actions and with this in hand we can automate much more than now.

I want to give you an idea how this can be done. I know that you use vs for the development of Do. In VS each command which a user can execute is exported too. There is a list of around 1,000 commands like:

In VS you can open a command window in which you now can execute this commands. From Outside of VS you can grap over the active window the "dte" COM object over which you can now execute the commands. Some of the commands has arguments too.

With this in hand I can now configure the Streamdeck buttons. One button for build, one for cancel a build and so on...

You can use DOpusRT.exe to run Opus commands from outside of Opus.

For complex commands, it may make sense to implement them within Opus as either a User Command or Script Command which you can then trigger via DOpusRT, rather than run lots of individual commands via DOpusRT.!Documents/DOpusRT_Reference.htm