Trouble launching after power failure

The system shuts down abnormally due to power failure, Directory Opus cannot be opened after restarting, and still cannot be opened after reinstall

( 停电导致系统不正常关闭,再开机就打不开Directory Opus,重新安装后还是打不开 )

That could be due to a corrupted configuration. Try uninstalling Opus, which will erase the config, then reboot, then reinstall it and see if it works then.

If you want to manually backup your config first, without needing to launch Opus, see "Locating the config files by hand" here: How to backup or locate your Opus configuration (Simple)

If there are still issues even after doing that, it's more likely that some part of the operating system has been corrupted by the power failure, although this is not something I've experienced or heard of happening with Opus or Windows.