Trouble with content recognition

For a long time, I have been using dummy files named to force my music directories to show thumbnails. I keep music albums in folders sorted by artist, and when I enter each artist's folder, I like Opus to render the CD images.

I set up a Content Type Format based on a File Type Group I made around .xxx files. I set Display to thumbnails, and set a Hide Filter to hide files.

This has been working for me for quite a while, but today it stopped. Instead of thumbnails, I get standard Details view, and files are not hidden.

I changed nothing, and cannot figure out what the problem is. I tried deleting the File Type Group and re-doing everything. I even re-did all the files. I deleted my thumbnail cache. I restarted Opus, then Windows. Nothing is working.

Any suggestions?

What's the "content threshold" of the content type format in question? (It's on the Options tab when you edit the format via Preferences).

Is that threshold still being reached? If more files of other extensions have been added to the folder it could mean the threshold isn't reached anymore and the format is no longer triggered. (Or another content-type format's threshold may be reached/triggered instead.)

I tried changing the theshold, but it doesn't make any difference. The file is always the only actual file in these folders - everything else is subfolders filled with MP3s.

I got it - I checked the regular Folder Formats list and somehow that whole drive got set to Details. I guess that was overrideing the Content Type Format.

Speaking of which, is it possible to set any priority between formats other than the alphabetical order? For instance, I have one folder.jpg and 1 or 2 audio files in some folders. I would prefer to trigger the Music format instead of Images.

(The content threshold is 25% by default. One possible workaround is to set 51% for Images, but that has side effects.)

I don't know of a way to do that. I suspect Opus checks each content-type format from top-to-bottom and chooses the first one which applies.

You could rename the "Images" format to "Pictures" as a crude workaround.

Thanks, but alas, that didn't work.
I didn't find a way to rename Images, so I manually edited groups.oxr and While the group name did change, music files were still shown as thumbnails.
Let's hope that GPSoft will provide some information about how this works.