Truly run Opus as Full ADMINISTRATOR?

I would like to run Opus as a full-on Administrator.
I am aware of the potential issues in the FAQ, and the "Admin" button that puts Opus into "Administrator" mode (note the lower case) with a timeout value.

I have tried setting the Windows shortcut properties for Opus to:

Compatibility Tab: Run this program as an administor (Checked)
Compatibility Tab: Run this program in compatibility mode for Unchecked.
Shortcut Tab/Advanced Button: Run as administrator (Checked)

UAC is set to minimal (not truly disabled) under Windows 10 professional.

Launching Opus normally does not indicate it in the title bar (ADMINISTRATOR mode) note the upper case.
Launching Opus shortcut with right-click "Open as Administrator" does not indicate it in the title bar (ADMINISTRATOR mode).

Launching other applications works fine with "Op[en as Administrator" options.

Am I missing something here? According to the faq, I should see the upper case ADMINISTRATOR text indicating that I am running in full mode?

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You're probably running Opus when it's already running in the background, which will just tell the existing instance to open a new window.

Use File > Exit Directory Opus, then re-launch it as admin via any of those methods, and it should then be running as admin.

And then you'll probably run into all the problems the FAQ warn you about and see why you shouldn't do that. :slight_smile: Be sure to at least turn off Explorer Replacement first, as it'll break if Opus is launched elevated like that.

Note that the Admin mode you can turn on within a normal instance of Opus doesn't have to use a timeout. You can edit the Admin button to remove the timeout.

That 'background running Opus' was the issue, thank you.
Yes, I'll watch for the FAW issues.
Is there a method of preventing that background Opus from running (assuming all instances of Opus are closed)?

As far as I know, there is no way to make it happen automatically,

From within Opus, click File then Exit Directory Opus.

Alternatively, right click the Opus icon in the notification area (tray), then click Exit Directory Opus.

Understood Jon.
You said "By default, Opus stays running in the background....". Is it possible for this 'default' to be changed, so that Opus run when run, and quits (totally) when quit, effectively not staying running in the background?

See the bottom of that FAQ :slight_smile:

That's is what I needed. Thank you.