Trying to create a rename script

I want to rename a batch of image files to incorporate the "date taken" into their name

i figured for this i'll need the Script mode in the rename panel
Since i'm not proficient in scripting i decided to first copy the example from your help page and then adjust this to fit my specific need.

but i already am stuck... i copied that example script, character for character but nothing happens.
see image

i am clearly overlooking something.

does anyone have a suggestion?

i'm on version 11.19 x64

this was the example i used:

You don't need to use a script just for that.

instead, turn script mode off, then turn enable file information fields on, and paste something like this into the new name: [nowrap]{datetaken|D#yyyy-MM-dd}[/nowrap]

More details under Renaming with Metdata in the Opus 11 manual.

(Opus 12 version of the same page for those on the newer version, since the Rename dialog has been redesigned. Note that in Opus 12 you no longer need to turn on enable file information fields as it is automatic.)

Thank you Leo
a much simpler solution.

And the swift reply is much appreciated!