Trying to upgrade

I am trying to upgrade to DO 11 from 10. I want to have 3 licenses instead of my current 5.
I can find no way of selecting 3 licenses - I can select 2 or 5 but not 3! This does seem rather strange.
How do I get 3 licenses?

We can do this manually; please contact for assistance (this forum is only for technical support).

What is the scenario at your end?

I have two licences. This allows me to use Opus on two PCs and my laptop.

Note, as I understand it, no matter how many licences you buy, you get just one laptop licences.

Hang on.

Check your email!

If you are lucky, you will receive a Christmas present from GP Software.

I don't know if I'm allowed to share the full details. The email does not say that it is secret. Maybe one of the official team can rule on this.

Michael, yep, I got that Christmas present a few days ago. Incredible deal from those wonderful folks at DO.
It was when trying to avail myself of that offer that I ran into restrictions. the only options were 1 license, 2 licenses or 5 licenses.
However, your revelation that 2 licenses will allow me to legally run DO on 2 computers plus one laptop would solve my problem.
How do I confirm that this is OK? I would hate to stretch legalities with the DO folk.

It's OK as long as it is a personal laptop, not used a work machine. If you need clarification please email the address Jon posted above with your specific details and they will let you know if it's OK.

See Leo's answer, but also check the history around here of discussions about licences/licenses and laptops. This one arises every now and then.

I'm not sure that I understand what a "work machine" might be. My laptop sits beside my two PCs. They are all "work" machines in that they are what I work on. Maybe it helps that I buy them all myself. (Just beefed up the laptop – bought nearly six years ago – with an SSD, with amazing results.)