Tumasoft Preset Viewer Preview not work inside of DOpus but work in Explorer

I just installed Tumasoft Preset Viewer (http://www.tumasoft.com/argus/index.html) for viewing photoshop presets like ABR, CSH, PAT, ASL, etc.

Thumbnail handler work both in explorer & DOpus but for preview handler only work in Explorer not in DOpus, here is the comparison:

DOpus Preview Pane only show shell thumbnail

Explorer Preview Pane show all style in the file

Is there anything i could do to make preview work in DOpus? I'm using latest DOpus 12.7

Thank you

Please try this test version which I think should fix things:

Requires Opus 12.7, and will be included in 12.7.1 and above.

  • Download and extract one of:

  • Type /home into Opus to locate where it is installed, and open a File Explorer window there.

    (Usually: C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus)

  • Exit Opus. (Don't just close the window, use File / Exit Directory Opus.)

  • Copy the Viewers folder that was inside the zip to the Opus folder.

    For 64-bit, also copy the x86 folder.

    (The same folders should already exist in the destination. If they don't, stop, because you're copying to the wrong place, or downloaded the wrong version. When prompted to replace files, say yes.)

If you then restart Opus, the viewer should now work.

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Wow, thank you very much Mr Leo. I follow your instruction and it work like a charm, now i can preview it like in the explorer.

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