Turn off mouse-hover pop-up?

When I am in a lister, is there way to turn off the pop-up (it lists Type, Date Modified, and Size) that occurs when the mouse is hovering over a file record?

I am renaming a whole bunch of files manually (can't automate what I'm doing), and after right-clicking to activate the in-line rename, the mouse invariably ends up over the file above or file below while I am trying to type the new name. I can't see what I'm doing unless I take my hand off the keyboard to move the mouse.

(I haven't found a preferences setting or anything on this site about this difficulty.)

Turn off Preferences / File Displays / Options / Enable file InfoTips....

Thanks! It was right there -- missed it somehow.

A feature suggestion: make this option a separate choice for photos vs. other kinds of files. It is handy to mouse-over to get a quick thumbnail.