Turn off tabs in

Running DOpus, is there a way to completely turn off folder tabs?

Preferences>Listers>Tabs>Display folder tabs


You did not say what to do with the "Display folder tabs" option. In my version, the third tab under Preferences>Listers is a "Folder Tabs" tab. The first option is "Display Folder Tabs": with 3 choices, "Always", "On both side of a dual-dsplay lister if needed on either", or "Only when needed". I have it set to only when needed, and they still show up. I cant seem to turn them off altogether.

If you have them set to 'only when needed', and they're showing up, then it's because they're needed. That is, you have more than one tab open. Close them all down except the first one and the tabs will disappear.

What are you actually doing to initiate a new tab? Opus will open new tabs when the user specifically requests one. I have it set to only when needed and never see tabs unless I specifically use a button I created to open one.

The current version of Opus is - you'd be well advised to upgrade.