Turning off "Count Files before deleting" not working?


I've searched the forum and the interwebs but I think what I'm doing should work.

I've turned off "Count Files in folders before deleting" in Progress Indicators. Alas, even after restarting DO, it still counts the files before deleting which often takes 10x the amount of time of the delete itself :slight_smile:


Have I done something wrong? Is it just a Windows thing that's unavoidable?

12.27 Win 10 x64


Peter B

Deleting to the recycle bin is handled by Windows; we just give Windows a list of files to delete, and it does the rest including showing the UI.

If you press Shift+Del to bypass the recycle bin Opus controls the delete operation and the option to not count files will be respected (although note you'll then lose the ability to restore the deleted files).

Ah I see OK thanks for that. Still struggling with Windows' "helpfulness" after all these years :slight_smile:

Freecommander offers to take over also this part. So you can choose that FC shall handle deletation (also to the recycle bin). You do not see then the Windows UI therefore.

But I do not know which advantages and disadvantages that setting has. Do you know it? :slight_smile:

Only way I know of would be to tell Windows to recycle each file individually, which would probably be slower and would mean you could not restore a whole folder after it was in the recycle bin.

Unless they’re just hiding the Ui, but I don’t know if that changes what happens or just means you can’t see what’s happening.