Turning off Sort By: "Auto Size"?

Latest version of "Light" I am using a trial right now so not sure if that is a problem.
I have been playing around with the program and got most of what I need set the way I'd like it but two things I cannot figure out or if it is even possible.

  1. Is there a way under Sort By to turn off the size from "auto"? My issue is that when I go to most folders no problem I can have it set to sort by filename which is fine but I have lots of different folders with media files in them in these folders only I often need to sort by the size - in file explorer I would just sort it all by size and be done with it once I leave that folder - but in DO it seems to carry that sort by size into other folders as well? So then I'll go to another folder that I thought was ok and as I go to click the folder I need all of a sudden they all move around as I guess DO is "auto" sizing them. So is it possible to manually sort by size only the folder I need at that specific time?

  2. Is less of an issue; I would like to remove the "attributes" field completely, when I am looking into a folder using the details the "Attr" column means nothing to me but a bunch of junk written in there, if I remove that column for that session the next opening of DO it will re-appear. I saw the FAQ about the folder options etc. under preferences BUT I also have that set to recognize when I am in a folder with media it turns into a thumbnail view and then back to details when out of those folders which works great but I didn't want to mess that system up.


If you always (or almost always) want those folders sorted by size, and other folders sorted by name, then the best thing to do is to create folder formats which apply that automatically.

You can tie the folder formats to the folder paths themselves (including using wildcards, if desired), or to the Content Type formats so you get a different sort mode when entering folders that contain mostly images, or similar.

If you make changes on-the-fly (e.g. by adding columns or clicking columns within the file display itself), then those changes are kept when you change folders, if the new folder would have used the same format as the old.

The intention here is that if you want to view things differently, due to some temporary requirement, then you might want to keep viewing things in that way when you change folders, and it would be a huge pain for everything to reset on every folder change and force you to re-apply your temporary changes.

You can undo any temporary changes and reset to the proper saved format for the current folder by right-clicking the format lock icon and choosing Reset to folder's format.

There's also a script you can install which will do that every time you change folders, if you don't like the normal way things work.

Just follow the FAQ, and then turn on Content Type formats if you want them to be on.

Then go through the Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats list and check that none of the formats still have the Attributes column turned on.