Turning Off The Directory Opus Support Library


What are the impacts of deactivating the Directory Opus Support Library supposed to be? I have been disabling these DLLs and so far I don't recall I have found any issue at all. Are there anything critical?

Thank you in advance,

The impact is things might not work. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by disabling it so it's difficult to provide more detail.

A better question is what you hope to gain by disabling it? Do you think it is causing a problem? If not then surely messing around with things is more likely to cause a problem than prevent one.

All things seem to work normal to me. I use AnVir Task Manager to disable several startup entries added by various programs, and the DLLs of Directory Opus Support Library are among them. I don't have a PC from latest generations so I thought turning off some unnecessary entries would help my PC runs faster.

DLLs don't get run on startup so I'm not sure what that means. (DLLs are never run directly, only loaded into other programs. You're probably seeing entries for the shell extensions Opus adds for e.g. right-click context menus in some places, but I can't say for sure.)

I recommend leaving things alone unless there is an actual problem with them.