Tweaking the file copy/move queue?

Hi all,

I've got a number of hard drives and regularly copy/move large number of files from one drive to various other drives. As it is at the moment, if several copy/move tasks are directed to the same destination drive the tasks are queued, while copy/move tasks directed towards a new drive initiates a separate, concurrent task.

What I'd dearly like to know is if it is possible to tweak Dopus' behaviour so that all copy/move tasks enter a single queue, regardless of source and destination?

Thanks in advance!


You can edit the button(s) or action(s) you're using to trigger the copy and add QUEUE=MyQueue or similar to force them to always queue to the same queue.

In the Opus 12 public beta (from 12.0.7 onwards), scripts can also decide how to queue things using the new OnGetCopyQueueName event. With that you could have an event which always returned the same queue name, to avoid editing more than one thing, or you could have additional logic as you see fit.

Fabulous, thanks a lot! Now that it's done I see how simple it was and that I needn't have bothered anyone with it. However, being "scriptually challenged" I thought it was just as well to jump straight to the experts.