Two commands, go forward and go back, stopped working

After i had experimented using Ctrl-RightArrow and Ctrl-LeftArrow for go expandbranch and go collapsebranch, and changed both key cominations back to their earlier functions (Go Forward/Go Back), they stopped working. Both work normally in an older backup.

Of course i am testing to enter a folder, where i would expect Go Back and Go Forward to act normal. Are there ways to 'flush' those stuck combinations, or reset them?


The default hotkeys for Back and Forward are Alt+🠈 and Alt+🠊, not Ctrl/Strg.

The commands should be on your File Display toolbar, unless you deleted the buttons as well. Just add the hotkeys back to those. Or reset the File Display toolbar, or grab the correct buttons out of the Default Toolbars tab to repair them.

Those two Alt combinations are for the branch commands already (in my special setup).

Normally it should work with the two commands i'm using? But maybe i try your suggestion, although i lost lots of custom icons recently, whe i reset the toolbars for some similar purpose. Having said that, wouldn't it be convenient, if we could have some default toolbars in the toolbars menu, to exactly achieve that goal, without having to go the longer way?

I often find stuff here in the forum from default toolbars, but shy away to switch around too often.

You can. The default toolbars tab.

Ok, got it. Anyway, even with those two buttons from the default lister, they appear greyed out, although i made sure to enter/leave the testing folder in question before trying.


Is there maybe any config file, i could PM you, to have a look into?

That looks like a context menu but I can't really tell as it's so cropped. Context menu commands won't be relevant here (and should not normally have hotkeys assigned to them).

The default back and forward hotkeys come from the buttons on the File Display toolbar, which you can find in the Default Toolbars tab, like I said:

Mine look all different. But those from the menu were taken from one of the original toolbars, which i fetched from the right click menu. In any way, i don't want to risk losing all custom icons again, so i have to live with that effect for a while.

Regarding the toolbar called File Display, i don't have it in my right click menu.

Also can't find those arrows in the Commands tab in your screenshot. Maybe that list should contain all available buttons from the default menues. That would make it much easier to pick selected functions.

Everything you're asking for is already in the Customize dialog.

Something must be broken in my configuration. I don't have those black arrows in the whole menu, only the ones shown in the screenshot, which require qualifier keys. And they remain greyed out. I have no explanation how this could be. As i mentioned, in some older version it works as usual. That was before i played around with the keys.

The second screenshot shows all currently available commands using go.

That's the two i found, yes. I dragged them into a toolbar, but they still do nothing. I also do not have a toolbar by that name in my right click menu, only one called File Display (1), and that one turns on a path bar, nothing else.

I had just restored an older backup, where the buttons still work, exported the whole buttons (by drag & drop), went back to the current version, dragged them into the main toolbar - still does not work, buttons remain grey. :roll_eyes:

Is it possible, that Defender broke something? With version 37 or 39 i had Opus being completely blocked, and i rightfully suspected Defender (some users also mentioned that a few days ago) to be the culprit, and indeed, Opus was blocked as some allegedly "wacatac trojan".

I will do a few tests, finding out from which backup on this effect occured, and build maybe some fork from that version. Have to figure out, what else was new since then. Thank you!

Does also not work form the command line, while everything else does.

If it helps and is of interest, i can send you two config files. One, where it still works, and a recent one.

Which toolbars do you have?

Where are you dragging the Back/Forward buttons to?

Can't really see any of this context in the screenshots as so much is cropped out.

The arrow shows, where i have dragged the .dcf files. Into the main toolbar at the top.

Here is the list of active toolbars.

Lister Menu (1)
Tab Bar
Tool Bar (1)

Which dcf files? Where did they come from?

It looks like you have four rows of completely blank toolbars and none of the standard buttons, based on your screenshot. Unless everything is off to the sides, top or bottom, which are still all cropped out. Or the detail was blanked out of the screenshots or something. I am not sure.

Maybe completely resetting the default toolbars would make the most sense, if that much is missing.

They came from the menu Jon had shown*, that one, where he circled the buttons in question (which i had overlooked, because i was looking for the dark version you had in your example).

They seem to be fully functional mini toolbars in the toolbars overview page, as i found, so i dragged them from there, using a functioning older backup.