Two enhancement suggestions

I frequently find myself working through and processing folders with a hundred or so files each. Sometimes I'm just deleting the files, sometimes I'm moving them to one of several other folders, and sometimes I need to rename them or perform some other process on them. And frequently, while I'm in the middle of this process, real life will intrude and I'll be called away. Often I don't get back to the project for a day or five and usually I've turned off my computer in the meantime. Thus, when I get back to the process, I often forget which file I had most recently processed in the list. So, my first enhancement suggestion would be to allow a user to add a placeholder within a folder to indicate which file was the last focus within that folder.

As I mentioned, sometimes I'm renaming files and moving them to another folder. Often I'll have a group of files, say a batch of mountain landscape photos. I want to move those files as a group to my mountain landscape folder. But often these files are named something like Mountain 01.jpg, Mountain 02.jpg or even just 01.jpg, 02, jpg, and so on. To keep the grouped files together, I usually rename them something like Mountain Landscape - Set 1 - 01.jpg and so forth. The problem is that each time I want to do this, I have to open the mountian landscape folder and look for the highest set number that I've assigned. And I alos have folders for beaches, sunsets, etc. (each with its own incrementing set number). Would it be possible for DOpus to keep a set of variables for this sort of purpose?

I hope I've explained well enough. It's one of those things that is simple in process but in the explanation ... who knows. Sigh.

(Please ask one question per thread.)

#1: You can use Labels to mark a file so that it stands out later.

#2: You can use a rename script. The exact script will depend on the specifics, and might require something custom if what you want isn't already written by someone, but the Number Within Sub-Folders may be what you want.

Wow, Leo! Thanks for the quick reply (and sorry about posting two items in one thread). Labels looks like a near-perfect solution. I remember reading about labels once ... and then forgot about them, probably because I didn't have the Operations toolbar turned on. Time to do some exploring there...

As to that rename script, it may also be just what I needed. I'm going to have to download it and play around when I'm next working on my project.

You know, it continually amazes me just how powerful DOpus is and how many great and powerful features (sorry ... did that sound a bit like the Wizard of Oz...?) are buried deep in the guts of the program.

Thanks again.