Two little things & 1 idea about DOpus next versions


I noticed two things on DOpus v9. version.

First is about Zip files and font files:
Most often, font files are zipped. I use the DOpus internal plugin to browse zip files, I tried to drag n drop the font file inside the zip directly to the fonts folder, but it doesn't work. I had to unzip the font file before to be able to drag n drop it to the font folder (it's not depending either on the way virtual folders are handled, i tried both ways, and the result is the same).

Second thing is about images prefs when DOpus is exported to usb key:
When exporting to USB key, the config file images.oxc isn't updated with the relative paths to Images Folder. There is the need to edit the file manually to be able to get the images back with the good path.

Last thing is still about background images, but it's not a little anomaly :wink:
I like to have a shared background between all the different DOpus panes.
I saw that there's a way to put a particular image for certain types of devices or folder contents. The idea is nice, but it would be way nicer to be able to put these images like watermarks on the bottom right of the pane for example, so the usual background is still really shared the way it should between the different panes. If it's possible to do that (which I don't think), I missed something somewhere :wink:

So you want two background images in some folders? One the shared/tiled background and another the bottom-right watermark?

Right now you can have one or the other but not both at once.

What I would like is to keep having the shared background everywhere and ever (for all the tree, file pane(s), contact list), but being able to add a water mark image on the bottom right of the panes when displaying certain types of files or on certain types of devices.

Maybe it's not really clear, so to say it differently, I think the way images are handled via all the DOpus prefs is fine; but on the folder format dialogs, the background image override wouldn't always work as a replacement, but could just show the picture selected over the existing default background (i think it would be handy for the pictures placed at the corner of the panes).

I hope I explained things better this time :slight_smile:

Still sounds like two background images to me. :slight_smile: I think I know what you mean, though.

In fact, reading your previous guess is clearer to me too, and yeah, that's the main idea :slight_smile:
Sorry, my fault!