U3-how to start other U3-Applications from DOpus(e.g Editor)

With my local DOpus I have a Hotkey (F4) to open selected files with UltraEdit.

C:\Programme\UltraEdit-32\uedit32.exe {allfilepath$} 

I licensed the DOpus-USB-Export-Option.
I licensed the UltraEdit-U3 Version, either.

How can I start the installed U3-UltraEdit from within U3-DOpus by my usual Hotkey?

(I found nothing in the Resource Centre)

How do you launch it normally?

Is the problem just knowing what the USB path/drive letter is? If so you can use the /home alias to get the folder that Opus is running out of and the use relative paths from that to find UltraEdit.

I seem to remember that U3 has its own launcher, though, so many you need to run that with arguments telling it to launch UltraEdit... If so I'm not sure how that works as when I've tried out U3 I've only launched things via its taskbar icon. Maybe someon else will know more, though.

That does not work because you don't have a regular executable with U3.
Manually launching is only possible by the U3-Menu; no chance to start the launcher with some arguments manually :frowning:

Here you go (though it looks inconclusive; may depend on the app):

u3community.com/viewtopic.ph ... mmand+line

May also be useful:

u3community.com/viewtopic.ph ... mmand+line

Thanks leo. I'll have a look on it tomorrow.

I'll let you know, if it works for me or not.