UAC Revisited

Hi all,
Did anybody ever figure out the cause of the UAC problem that DO9 has/had with Vista ? As it was so soon after the release of DO9 and the forums were a bit hectic I ended up switching off UAC to allow DO9 to run properly. Now we are at version and it's been over a month since I last posted or spotted anything on this topic I enabled UAC again. Nope still doesn't work. DO9 just gets blocked at startup. I have numerous other programs that all start ok, DO9 is the only one that does not. Anybody got any ideas I can try ? As i'd really like to get UAC switched back on again.

The only "issue" as such was people who had previously run Opus 8 in compatibility mode under Vista. You need to turn off the compatibility mode settings, and then Opus works fine with UAC enabled.

A-ha yes it does work.

Thought I'd post back to point out a little gotcha, that may have caught out others as well as me.

After Jon's post I thought hmmmm here we go again, checking the compatibility settings again.

Straight after the upgrade to v9 (and yes i had v8 running in compatibility mode prior to that), i must have installed / uninstalled DO9 about a dozen times, clearing out the registry, manually deleting any shred of evidence left behind, etc, etc, following all the tech help posts posted by everyone. All to no avail.

Anyhow I kept checking the compatibility settings each time, but tonight I dunno why, they were all unchecked (as normal), but I noticed the button that says "Show settings for all users" and when I looked there is another almost identical window that pops up, with the "Run as administrator" box ticked. Unchecked it, rebooted and Bingo, it works.

Just thought I'd share that - as it's been driving me nuts for a month.

Thanks for letting us know about that. I've added it to the list of things to check in the FAQ:

[Opus 9 on Vista blocked from running at startup)