UltraCompare and Opus Context Menu

Hi all,

I just installed both UltraEdit Suite (newest) and UltraCompare (newest) into Win7.64
As a matter of habit I run Opus ( as administrator (right click, run as...)
In Win.Explorer run as user or administrator both Ultra's show up in right.click context menu.
In Opus the two context menu items only show up when run as current user.
When run as Administrator, only UltraEdit shows up in context window, never UltraCompare.

For answers:
First- I searched their forum
Second- - I searched this forum
and I did some basic troubleshooting but to no avail.
and I reinstalled apps as administrator but no diff.

defined: Opus "Started" as Administrator vs. User (w/ all admin rights)

So in summary:
Both apps show up when Opus run as current logged in user
Only UltraEdit shows up when Opus run as administrator.
Everything works as expected in Windows Explorer regardless of account.

Thanx in advance for reading this........

Running Opus elevated is not recommended, and usually isn't needed as Opus supports UAC, including a mode where a lister can stay elevated as long as you want it to (without the program itself being elevated). See this FAQ for more details:

Why NOT to run Opus as Administrator in Vista / Windows 7.

Thanks for the links and info, all very informative, yet the technical (issue/question) is still unanswered.

I just installed the UltraCompare trial in a Win7x64 VM and what you're seeing happens in Explorer as well. Seems to have nothing to do with Opus. See screenshots below.

Are you sure you were actually running Explorer elevated? Just right-clicking Explorer.exe and using Run as Administrator will not run Explorer elevated; it will just send a message to the existing non-elevated Explorer (the one displaying the desktop and taskbar) asking it to open another non-elevated window. To run Explorer elevated you have to go out of your way (e.g. exit the taskbar/desktop instance and all others, then run Explorer.exe elevated.)

Explorer running normally (medium integrity):

Explorer running elevated (high integrity);

(BTW, in addition to the UltraCompare context menu only appearing in one screenshot, you can see the same happening with the Opus Zip context menu. The reason the Opus zip menu appears in the elevated shot but not the unelevated one is probably that Opus itself was running elevated while I was trying things, so only the elevated Explorer could talk to its shell extension. That's just another example or why it's really not a good idea to run your shell and/or file manager elevated. (Unless you're running everything elevated. i.e. Disable UAC entirely if that's what you want. Anything you launch from an elevated file manager would be elevated anyway so what's the point of having UAC on at all if that is your aim?))

Ah, yes, you are correct.
I completely failed to realize that I was not running explorer elevated.
Thanks for all the trouble.
I have need to run Opus elevated at times, but I would not disable UAC, particularly just to have a context item show up.
Your explanation shows me what is happening and why.
Please give yourself a raise.

So do it properly by using Opus's Admin Mode feature.

shucks, mister, ya don't have to be so stringent about it.

How do you know what is proper in my development environment?

Have a great evening and thanks for the help.

You're right, I don't know about your dev environment; I only know about UAC and how Opus is designed to be used with UAC.

Opus is designed to dip in and out of UAC, with the option of using its Admin Mode to keep a window elevated for as long as you want with only a single UAC prompt at the start, in addition to the usual behaviour of requesting elevation as & when it is required. Opus isn't designed to be run elevated all the time (and it can cause problems as explained in the FAQ) (except on an admin account/machine where UAC is disabled, of course; then everything is elevated all the time and it's not a problem).

What is it that makes Admin Mode unsuitable in your environment? Maybe there's a way around that or a way to use Admin Mode that you've not thought of.