Un-Zipping a ZIP File

I need just the simplest way to Un-Zip a file.
Please give me directions on how to Un-Zip.


Right-click it and choose one of the Extract options.

I right-click but don't see any Extract option.
I can look into it and see files, but not Un-Zip them all.

Have a look at the settings under Settings > Preferences > Zip and Other Archives. The context menu items may be turned off there.

The items that are checked are:
ZIP Support
x Enable internal Opus Zip support
x Make Opus the system default...
ZIP Settings
x Use temporary folder when copyting to Zip files...

Is there anything else I should check?

Also, I'm thinking maybe I need to be selecting the individual files to Un-Zip, not the Zip file itself. Is that right?

There's a Preferences page in the same section which controls which context menu items are turned on. (Not as my PC currently, but it's next to the one you're looking at and had Context Menu in its name.)

Select the zip file itself if you want to extract the whole thing. Otherwise, go inside the zip file and copy individual files out of if the same as you would files in a normal folder.

Ok, I found it now. I'm feeling pretty dumb, but thanks for your help.
It is in the Right-Click options as "Directory Opus Archives" and then there is an option of "Extract To..."

I think the reason I did not see this is because it never uses the term "Zip" in any of the menu names, so I passed right over it.

You can move the items to the top of the context menu if you don't want them in a sub-menu. It's one of the options on the Prefs page I mentioned.

Thank you. I think I'm actually fine with this now that I realized where it is. I do think it would be helpful in the menu if it somehow included the word "ZIP", but that may not be a problem for anyone else. I don't know.
Sorry I was so slow in catching on. :slight_smile:

Zip files aren't the only type of archives that Opus supports.

I'm interested in your view on the other types, what their unique values are, and for what situations you would use them.

In a nutshell (the question is a bit broad and off-topic): 7-zip is free and has the best compression, WinRAR offers the most features. All other formats are either irrelevant or serve a very specific purpose.

Thank you for the summary.