Unable to add Windows Store apps to "Open With"

I've added "Open With" to the Dopus context menu, and I'd like to add Drawboard as an eligible program to open .PDF files. Currently WIndows Explorer shows that I may open PDFs with: Windows Explore “Open With”: Adobe Acrobat, Drawboard, Foxit Phantom PDF, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Xodo, whereas "Open With" in Dopus only offers me the option of opening with Adobe Acrobat, Foxit Phantom, Google Chrome. If I do Settings>File Types>Directory Opus File Types>System File Types> and try to add a new program to open PDFs then I notice that neither Drawboard nor Xodo are available. Both of these are Windows Store items whereas the other PDF programs are not.

Is it possible to add Windows Store items to "Open With"? I know that these are stored in the Programs/WindowsApps folder to which by default I have no access. Having given myself access I tried to run the Drawboard .exe but got 'code execution cannot proceed', so adding the .exe does not seem to work.

How should I proceed?

I don't think we have any way of enumerating those apps, as their details are obfuscated in the registry (one of Microsoft's great ideas) so it's not possible for us to get their proper names and icons to put them in the menu; we only have the random AppX1234341341 style identifiers.

They also don't seem to be designed to be run via the command line, which makes setting up buttons, file type events, or even simple .bat files to run them from other things difficult.

You may be able to run them via the FileType or ContextMenu commands, but working out the details for any particular app would probably be a pain. (It'd have to be something you really want to use, and how many best-in-class apps are only available on the Microsoft Store? :slight_smile: )

These are two of many reasons to avoid Microsoft Store apps entirely, IMO. (Or at least the "Metro"/WinRT/etc. ones, or whatever Microsoft are naming them this month. The ones which are desktop apps repackaged for the Microsoft Store may be more flexible, although we've still seen it cause some strange problems, like leaving files locked that get opened by shell extensions.)

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The PFN (Product Family Name) of each app can be seen at C:\Users[user name]\AppData\Local\Packages. In my case Drawboard’s PFN is:

Drawboard.DrawboardPDF_gqbn7fs4pywxm, and by appending !App to the PFN I can run Drawboard from the cmd prompt:

start shell:AppsFolder\Drawboard.DrawboardPDF_gqbn7fs4pywxm!App

I can add this to the Dopus OpenWith using a .bat file.

Is there a more elegant way of doing this that doesn’t require a .bat?

Looks as though I spoke too soon. It seems that what I described above only opens Drawboard: it doesn't open the pdf file.

The original issue is the same as that raised by @Pirx