Unable to dock listers

Is there some magic to docking listers? I have Preferences > Listers > Options > Allow docking of listers checked, and I can drag out listers from dual-pane styles, but I just cannot seem to dock properly. I grab one single-pane lister by its titlebar (i.e., the one with the hotpath), and drag it onto the lister titlebar of another lister. Instead of docking and giving me a dual-pane lister, I get a third stand-alone lister, pointing at the directory of the initial lister...

I am using Dopus U.

Dragging the File Display Border (the inner border with the hotpaths) out of a single-pane lister will create a copy of that lister, which is what you're seeing.

To dock two single-pane listers together, drag one of them by the titlebar (i.e. the top of the window), and move it over the other lister's titlebar.

Ah, mystery solved. Now that I know what exactly I should be doing to get docking, I investigated further. The problem was one utility I was running: PowerPro. To get docking back I had to disable the following option in PowerPro: Configure > GUI Control > Show size/position of moved windows. This option triggers a persistent, moving tooltip while you move/resize windows...

All is well again. I was confused by the reference to "title bar" in the docking section of the manual (p.24); I really shouldn't have been, but... had it referred to "window title bar", or better, "Windows' title bar", I would have been sure what was meant; as it was, for some reason I kept reading that as "lister title bar", and in turn kept misinterpreting that to be the "file display border". The problem really is that I did not have a solid grasp of Dopus terminology (thought "lister" = "file display area"). Incidentally, IMHO the figure on p.10 of the manual, the one showing the terminology, could benefit from additionally indicating the term "file display border", and perhaps substituting "Lister title bar" for the current "Lister Title" label.

Anyhow, thanks for clearing things up nudel! :wink:

Thanks for lettings us know. I think quite a few people use PowerPro so it might help others.

(I read that PowerPro development is going to stop. Seems a shame. Although I have never used it myself I've kept it at the back of my mind in case I one day needed to automate something.)