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Unable to Drag 'n Drop in Dual Lister, Why?


About 10 days ago I asked this question, but may have been a bit long winded in my post to merit even a single response.

So, I ask again in shorter terms.

Why can't I drag and drop from any single lister to either side of a dual lister or from one side of the dual lister to the other???

I have to copy paste (any form, ctrl+c,v or rightclick, etc.).

oh, I'm running Version U on XP

Thank you in advance,

Try the IStream registry file here:
[Drag & Drop does not work for files or when customizing toolbars)

It's not the exact same problem but the registry file can't do any harm (at least on current versions of Windows) and it's solved some other drag & drop problems for people in the past.

Restart Opus after running the .reg file, just in case.

If that doesn't help, have you modified the Drop event on any of your filetypes?

If neither of those are the answer then I'm not sure what the problem might be. Best to contact GPSoft directly for support.