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Unable to 'expand all' folders


Multiple threads mention using the * key on the keypad to expand all subfolders under the currently selected folder.

Unfortunately I can’t get that to work. I’ve tried it with my laptop numeric keypad activated, and without. I’ve tried it with multiple key combination options (Fn, Ctrl, Shift, etc.).

All of them turn on the filter bar at the bottom, but that’s it.

What am I doing wrong?

Windows 10
dopus Pro x64 12.6


It only works if the folder tree is active (has focus).


folder is absolutely selected/focused


The folder tree has to be active (clicked on) for * to expand things in the tree.

Selecting the folder in the file display won’t do anything here. You have to click on the folder in the folder tree.


aHA! Well now, that makes a world of difference. Thanks, Leo!


Sorry I’ll make sure to use bold next time :slight_smile:


fixed that :slight_smile: