Unable to gain access to folder with permissions

When I try to access a folder that requires permissions to access for example c:\Users\test where I've created a new account called 'test'. Then when I try to open 'test' Ifrom D.Opus I get a window with "an error occured reading folder: access is denied" 3 buttons and a cursor with an abort button that is unclickable. Yet If I want to access this folder I can with windows explorer - when I try the same in explorer, I get a dialog window saying 'You don't currently have pemission to access this folder' then offers me the choice of clicking next or cancel, by clicking the 'continue' button, another window of the user access control apears and by clicking continue I'm allowed to gain access to the folder.
Is this behavour In D.Opus part of its design?
Just to add that this is windows vista and I'm running as administrator account.

I think there is already a recent feature request to make Opus offer to automatically change the permissions like Explorer does, so that may appear in a future version.