Unable to hide queue confirmation dialog

Moved to the latest version and am first finding items are not being queued for the same network locations (I think this worked fine in version 12) so used the "QUEUE=" tag in my script to force items to be added to the same queue.

This works fine at making sure items are all queued for moving but am finding that I am constantly being hit with a confirmation dialog confirming items have been added to the queue. This offers me check boxes to hide this dialog globally or just for this queue. Checking these does not seem to make any difference and I have just getting the dialog appear again.

EDIT: It seems just selecting the box to hide globally stops it from appearing again. Selecting both did not prevent it and just selecting the box to hide for this queue also did not work.

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Instead of: Copy QUEUE=MyQueue
Use: Copy QUEUE=MyQueue,quiet

(The preferences setting is only about automatic queues.)

Thanks for the quick reply, that sorted it out :slight_smile:

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