Unable to launch DOpus

I'm running DOpus on my PC, but also have the USB/U3 Export license.

I've set up the "Default lister layout" to launch DOpus how I like it and I have the DOpus tray icon running and normally launch DOpus by double-clicking on the Windows desktop.

This works okay on the PC installation but not on the USB key.

I've checked the settings in Preferences, Launching Opus, From the Desktop, Double-click on the Desktop and Open a saved Lister layout is set to Default.

Is launching from Desktop not supported on the USB key licence or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you very much for your help.

Kind regards,


Unfortunately there has to be some element to find or intercept the Desktop Double-Click. Double-click on the Desktop requires a registered dll so this is not available when running from USB.

How are we able to launch a USB version of DOpus from the memory stick? Do we have to click on the executable DOpus icon in the memory stick?

Yes, exactly. (Or use the U3 launch menu if using a U3 memory stick.)

To provide any other kind of launch mechanism requires that a program be running, but then the problem is how do you launch that program? USB memory sticks cannot autorun things (except through hacks like U3 which appear as CD-ROMs to the OS) so something has to be manually run.