Unable to launch USB Export under WinPE

Hi there Jon/Greg/Leo, I'm not having much luck tracking what dependency I'm missing under a Win7 Enterprise WinPE environment, any chance you have any particular info on this error?

Seems a generic error though - so not sure you'll have any more to share... most google hits are a wild goose chase.

At a guess I'd say a DLL had a dependency on another DLL that was missing, but no idea what. You could try using Dependency Walker to find out.

Even if you got Opus working by copying half of your Windows install over to the WinPE install, it might stop working when we release an update, or when you trigger certain features to be used, since neither Opus nor any of the components it depends on are designed or tested for WinPE.

The point of WinPE is it is missing almost everything and can only be used to (reliably) run specialised apps designed for the WinPE environment. You can try to run Opus on it it but is it not designed for it and definitely not supported on it.

Ok, fair enough. I'm on my own... and I figured as much when I posted. @Jon, yeah - from googling around it certainly seemed like a generic error thrown when some dependency isn't satisfied. But I'd already gone the Dependency Walker route and had everything covered except for gdiplus.dll even though I don't find that in my Windows installation - just in some Lenovo folder.

@Leo, fair points. I totally understand the intent of PE... and the (no) support disclaimer. I've done this same thing across multiple versions of both Opus and different PE's and once I get it working - I generally stabilize and don't bother worrying about updating Opus frequently. I've then generally just run various testing to make sure things involving data integrity don't go wrong (copy, move, delete, secure delete, archive operations, etc).