Unable to move files using script in Viewer

I'm using the following script to move the previewed file to a different folder. It should rename the file to the parent folder name - filename. However; it's never able to move that file and complains that it can't find the file. What am I doing wrong? As a side topic, how can I log the command? I have to set this in the clipboard to view whether the name was correctly constructed.

Copy MOVE TO="A:\Pics\{sourcepath|nopath|noterm}-{file|nopath}"
Show VIEWERCMD=refresh


Copy MOVE AS="{sourcepath|nopath|noroot|noterm}-{file}" TO="A:\Pics"

Thanks lxp. That worked. And how can I log/output the command that is to be executed. Something similar to Dopus.Output

Prefix the line with @output:.